• Boiling Spring at Chamborg
  • Boiling Spring at Chamborg

Boiling Spring at Chamborg

Visit the largest natural hot mineral spring and oldest operating spa in St. Patrick. Let your worries and tensions melt away as you enjoy pools of boiling water in a secluded outdoor setting. The boiling spring got its name from the naturally thermal spring waters that flow out of the ground at Chamborg. It difficult to tell exactly how long people have been visiting the spring; but the evidence seems to suggest that indigenous tribes enjoyed its healing waters. The hot spring was also enjoyed African slaves who worshipped the water, believing it has divine powers to heal different ailments. It is important to point out that water from the springs have been found to contain varying amounts of minerals and chemical which are known to have medical values.


Interpretation Center

At the interpretation center you get to relax, view a short video, have a local drink, enjoy the local cuisine and interact with the local people.

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