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Levera Lake

Levera Lake is part of a 450-acre National Park system in St. Patrick. Situated 1.9 miles east of Sauteurs near Levera Bay and Bathway Beach, this Park offers dramatic scenery where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet. It is considered as one of Grenada's most spectacular natural endowments. Levera National Park has high scenic value. The area is characterized by a large dome (848 feet high) at Levera Hill and two conical shaped hills, which scientists believe developed from magma or lava flows that eventually solidified following volcanic eruptions in ancient times.
The National Park is one of the most important wildlife habitats on the island, consisting of this fresh and salt water pond which supports a rich aquatic wildlife and bird habitat. The lake is surrounded by a lush green mangrove forest, coconut palms, cacti, and woody shrubs. With lush green vegetation, proximity to pristine sandy beaches with outstanding coral reefs and sea grass beds that shelter lobsters, reef fish, and underwater ecosystems, nesting sites for leatherback sea turtles, a spectacular view of Sandy Island, Sugarloaf, and Green island, and a hiking trail that facilitates pleasant walks around the Park for hikers, bird watchers, and swimmers, this National Park comes close to what some describe as paradise.
The remoteness of Levera National Park is also appealing. If you are looking for a quiet place to relax, meditate, and introspect, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then Levera National Park is the place to be.


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