• Plantation Houses
  • Plantation Houses

Plantation Houses

The history of St. Patrick is defined by numerous estates that facilitated large-scale monoculture crop production and indigenous, slave and indenture labor in the island's industrial past. They include: Belmont, Blair, Celeste, Chambord, Chantimelle, Hazeldene, Hermitage, High Gate, L'Etage, La Fortune, La Mode, La Taste, Mt. Rodney, Madeys, Marli, Mormon Hill, Morne Fendue, Mt. Alexander, Mt. Craven, Mt. Reuil, Mt. Rich, Mt. Rose, Mt. William, Plains, Pointzfield, Prospect, River Antoine, River Sallee, and Snell Hall estates. A visit to St. Patrick offers visitors a tour of the remaining plantation houses and stone windmills, and lessons on the economic activities that took place during the 18th and 19th Centuries.  


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At the interpretation center you get to relax, view a short video, have a local drink, enjoy the local cuisine and interact with the local people.

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