• Turtle-Watching


Turtle watching takes place in St. Patrick from April through August each year when leatherback turtles return to Levera Beach to nest and lay their eggs. At up to 6 feet long and 2000 lbs, witnesses are often astonished by the size and presence of these giant sea creatures. Leatherback turtles travel thousands of miles each year traversing the world's oceans, seeking food, mates, and a beach to lay their eggs, often returning to the beach where they were born. An estimated 300 or more nesting leatherbacks descend on Levera beach, offering a rare opportunity to see these beautiful giant sea creatures. As they crawl ashore, they are tagged with microchips and monitored by stewards who record their activities.


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At the interpretation center you get to relax, view a short video, have a local drink, enjoy the local cuisine and interact with the local people.

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