• Amerindian Petroglyphs

Amerindian Petroglyphs

Located in St. Patrick, Mt. Rich River is a fascinating place to visit to view prehistoric carvings left by indigenous people who populated the region many years ago. Scholars believe that the hunter-gatherer people came to the river, where stones, sky and water meet, to be closer to mother earth. They carved images, called petroglyphs, onto large stones. No one knows for sure what the images mean, but some scholars suggest that the images point to the sun as it achieves solstice. A visit to the petroglyphs offers visitors a valuable learning experience and interpretation of how the indigenous people have lived.  Visitors can walk across the River and learn to use an atlatl, one of the indigenous people's hunting weapons.


Interpretation Center

At the interpretation center you get to relax, view a short video, have a local drink, enjoy the local cuisine and interact with the local people.

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