• Livay Calabash Beach
  • Livay Calabash Beach

Livay Calabash Beach

Take a trip to the historic Livay Calabash Beach in St. Patrick, the only known site in Grenada where members of an expedition led by Christopher Columbus landed on his third voyage to the New World in 1498. You can visit the spot where this historical event took place and learn about the indigenous Tainos (Arawaks) and Kalinagos (Caribs) who resided in the area. Not only is Livay Calabash important historically, its scenery is simply amazing! It is a secluded beach where few visitors venture. It remains largely unspoiled and hence designated an area of outstanding natural beauty. Its estuary provides a haven for wading birds, and its river, named Salle, after the daughter of a plantation owner, is home to many threatened and endangered species.


Interpretation Center

At the interpretation center you get to relax, view a short video, have a local drink, enjoy the local cuisine and interact with the local people.

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